Wednesday, December 16, 2020


You can insert your own comments about 2020. I'm doing my best to put it behind me. 

Last month I did a recap of the year from hell, through the releases I published. Easy to tell where my mind has been these past eight months. 

In spite of all the bad things though, Candice Christian did release some pretty nifty stuff since Thanksgiving. I thought I would bring those of you up to speed who need a little Holiday Joy in their lives.

Two young friends, Kaylie and Sarah struggle through a grueling apprenticeship in a Dystopian future ruled by a dominant woman, called Mistresses.

Alexa Petrova an eighteen-year-old first-generation Russian immigrant, has an eye for well-endowed mature women.

Eve was born with the unique capability to bounce through time. She can leap planets, times, and change identity. But she can't regulate when it happens.

Leigh is a writer of Romantic Lesbian Erotica and is approached by a fan, through her blog, to write a BDSM story for them.

A rebellious teen, Nicki, joins a lesbian cult looking for unlimited access to passionate encounters.

Kelsey Landis is a grad student at a small college. For most of her life she has been victim of other people's needs. But that has just changed.

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