Wednesday, November 4, 2020


It’s a hot summer evening and Noel has her lesbian inclinations awakened by her older neighbor, an awakening that turns into an obsession.

Eighteen-year-old Noel befriends her older next-door neighbor while home for summer break from college. The older woman, Jordan is in her late twenties and married. Her husband travels for his work and is and away from home for days at a time.


Jordan convincingly coaxes Noel to spend time with her while her husband is away. The two become close, and the younger girl is soon seduced by the married woman and discovers she has a liking for lesbian sex. Her awakening at Jordan's evolves over the years into an obsession.

After college, Noel sees less of Jordan but in her new job, Noel finds another woman that catches her eye. She spotted her first conquest. A cute girl named Ginger, a woman she works with. Noel found the seduction was quite easy and from that Noel confidently continues her lesbian life with a series of young lovers, who she turns to the lesbian lifestyle.

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