Saturday, November 21, 2020



What a wild ride this year has been. I had some really great plans. I had booked, along with a good friend three separate cruises for the entire year. I was really excited about the new year. 

Then the wheels came off right after we returned from our trip to Mexico. Since then everything has gone topsy-turvy, big time. And in some way, I believe my writing has evolved a bit to the darker side. 

This post is a before and after look at Candice Christian pre-Covid-19 and post-Covid-19.

Fascinatingly enough the most popular release pre-Covid-19 was: Some Suite Fights and More

A collection of erotic stories about women who are very physical and can take and dish it out.
While post-Covid-19 the most popular was: The Bottom Feeder

Carrie joins a gym to lose some weight before her class reunion, in joining the gym, she falls head over heels for her personal trainer, Britt.

If you notice, the pre-covid-19 was about intense physical contact, wrestling, and catfighting. While the post-covid-19 was about bodybuilding and a solo activity. 

I know this was not intentional but how strange is that it seemed to be a universal train of thought. Gosh, I sure hope that goes away, or my writing may get darker and more withdrawn. 

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