Sunday, October 11, 2020


In the better part of the last ninety days, I have released quite a few stories. The time just flew by and I realized I had forgotten to let my blog readers know what was happening in the Candice Christian world of erotica. Here is the world as I recall for you to catch up:

Angels to Androids:
Consorting with the Devil:
Dark Warriors and the War of Terror.
Dystopian Despair, Desperate Desire...
Empress City:
Intromittent and Licorice Root:
Lesbian Replication Methods:
Mind over Matter:
Not Ready to Face the Light:
Oddity of the Mind:
Parasitic Predatory Possession:
Planet Sutan Beyond Uranus:
The Azure Entity:
The Council of Treachery:
The Haunting at Specter Peak:
The Sorceress of Death: 
Unfamiliar Phenomena:
Web of Decadence: ..
Wrath of Cerberus:..

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