Saturday, February 1, 2020


Roommates Courtney and Lauren are addicted to the adrenaline rush of their private game of DARE.

Courtney and her roommate Lauren, are by nature thrill seeking junkies. They pass their leisure time by playing an X-rated game of Dare. The challenges they put to each other escalate to some pretty erotic situations.

Lauren has just completed her turn at finishing Courtney's dare and early on a Sunday morning she is up early to begin her turn to provide a torturous challenge for her roommate. In no time at all, Lauren had Courtney running all over town, in an attempt to successfully complete her challenge.

Lauren has Courtney in a very compromising position while trying on a pair of jeans in a crowded clothing store, then it's on to the ladies room for her final leg of the dare. Courtney nearly bows out twice, but heroically sticks with it to the end. It's the ending that leaves Courtney dumbfounded; half dressed in a ladies restroom.


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