Saturday, December 14, 2019


DARK PASSAGE:Leisha has plans to spend a romantic weekend with her lover. The love between the two women is strong and each feels they are the complement the other

REAL WANT: Rebekah and Deborah, friends since childhood, have a sleepover at Rebekah's house just prior to spring break. Unexpectedly awakening a real want in one of them.

CLAWING TO THE TOP: Memories of an Eighties catfighter, Sammy Jo, who is fighting the onslaught of Alzheimer, to record her biography.

THE ORDEAL: Christie is a twenty four year old married women who engages in a combative contest with her friend. The winner will be the losers mistress for three months 

MORE COW BELL: Linda ‘Kat’ Katz is the Queen of the Flesh Shoppe, a local BDSM establishment, but she is about to be forced to abdicate.

CONVENT OF SHAME: Sister Joan struggles with her lesbian tendencies and tries to reconcile her urges with the vows she took.

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