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IT FEELS RIGHT: Two married friends, Lita and Shellie following a night of partying, take a walk on the wild side and together just as a lark, but it become more than that.

LUNCH BREAK: Abby is at her wits end trying to cope with the pressures of her job. Her lover Jennifer offers her a few unexpected suggestions


The entire collection of Cookie Martin Wrestling Mechanic in order since the first release in March of 2019

1. Cookie Martin Wrestling Mechanic
By Candice Christian
Adult Erotica
Cookie is a retired military vet from the USMC. She lives alone, runs a small body shop in a nearby town, in the beautiful Mountains of West Virginia and occasionally likes to wrestle nude

2. Circus Wrestling - A Cookie Martin Story
By Candice Christian
Adult Erotica
Cookie Martin and her helper, Kitty are asked to wrestle at the upcoming County Charity Circus over the 4th of July holiday to raise money for the high school building drive

3. Cookie Martin's Redneck Sex Wrestling
By Candice Christian
Adult Erotica
Cookie agrees to help an old friend, Josie, train one of her proteges for an upcoming Sex Wrestling Championship. The new experience for Cookie, exposes her to some of the most erotic domination, she has ever seen as a Marine or in a wrestling match.

4. The Bonus Round A Cookie Martin Story
By Candice Christian
Adult Erotica
Cookie Martin and Kitty Katz have been accepted into the newly restructured Appalachian Wrestling League. They learn soon it’s not going to be a walk in the park

5. A Cookie Martin Wrestling Mechanic Story - Neighbors, Nudity and Wrestling
By Candice Christian
Adult Erotica
Cookie Martin has just shut her body shop down for the weekend and plans to spend Friday night chilling by her fire pit. But her closest neighbor, Dixie comes over with a glass of wine, followed my Kelly and the weekend went to hell

6. Cookie Martin Wrestling Mechanic - The Mountain Cat Club
By Candice Christian
Adult Erotica
Cookie has a contract with a sports club, the Mountain Cats, as a part of her Auto Repair business, to maintain all their equipment. During a service call she gets trapped at the club by a Blizzard

7. Cookie Martin Wrestling Mechanic Nightmares and Knock Downs
By Candice Christian
Adult Erotica
Their boating trip disrupted by a severe storm. Cookie and Kitty are injured, Cookie is knocked unconscious and into ugly nightmare that won't end.

8. Cookie Martin and the Studded Gemstone Collar
By Candice Christian
Adult Erotica
Cookie Martin is on vacation in the Caribbean, and as is always the case with Cookie, she stumbles into a wrestling match. One she is not sure she can survive.

9. A Cookie Martin Tale - Sleeper Queen
By Candice Christian
Adult Erotica
Cookie and Kitty return to Riverton after several months away. On their return they learn of a brash young lady dominating the gym they own 

Saturday, December 14, 2019


DARK PASSAGE:Leisha has plans to spend a romantic weekend with her lover. The love between the two women is strong and each feels they are the complement the other

REAL WANT: Rebekah and Deborah, friends since childhood, have a sleepover at Rebekah's house just prior to spring break. Unexpectedly awakening a real want in one of them.

CLAWING TO THE TOP: Memories of an Eighties catfighter, Sammy Jo, who is fighting the onslaught of Alzheimer, to record her biography.

THE ORDEAL: Christie is a twenty four year old married women who engages in a combative contest with her friend. The winner will be the losers mistress for three months 

MORE COW BELL: Linda ‘Kat’ Katz is the Queen of the Flesh Shoppe, a local BDSM establishment, but she is about to be forced to abdicate.

CONVENT OF SHAME: Sister Joan struggles with her lesbian tendencies and tries to reconcile her urges with the vows she took.

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