Monday, November 25, 2019




 Cookie and Kitty return to Riverton after several months away. On their return they learn of a brash young lady dominating the gym they own.

Cookie and Kitty have returned to their comfy life back in the Appalachian's to their home in Riverton WV. While they were away a young woman, a body builder and sex wrestler has been causing a stir at the gym and acting as if it is her own.

Cookie blows it off as a brash act of a young girl, but Kitty doesn't see it the same way. Kitty is determined to find a way to take the muscular wench down a peg or two, with the help of Cookie of course.

The next day, Kitty makes a pest of herself at the new girl's workout at the gym, Rosamund is the new girls name, Kitty learns, and her nickname is 'Sleeper Queen' because of her reputation in the ring. Most of her opponents end up out cold at the end of a match with Rosamund.

Kitty antagonizes Rosamund to the point of pushing the new girl into a nude wrestling match, loser is used by the winner. It is obvious Rosamund is itching to get the cocky Kitty on the mat and show her some manners.

Kitty is overjoyed that Rosamund has fallen into her trap, and she can hardly wait for the look on the 'Sleeper Queens' face when she arrives for the match that evening.

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