Monday, September 16, 2019

Two great releases over the weekend...


Cassie discovers a unique way of providing herself with self-gratification. When she shares the knowledge with her friend Ashley, their relationship intensifies.

Cassie is a college swimmer, and she spends summers practicing in her pool at home. Quite by accident, she discovers an interesting feature of the swimming pools nozzle for water flow. She feels she has discovered the most pleasurable activities she has ever experienced.

The recent secret knowledge has Cassie so worked up she can't wait to share it with her friend Ashley. The two both find the experience quite pleasurable and decide to keep it just between the two of them. To demonstrate the seriousness of the secret knowledge, Ashley suggests they take an oath of secrecy, the Golden Oath.

Summer ends and the girls head to college, they are even together in the same dorm room, and are drawn closer together because of the secret they share. Their relationship, based on the secret, has evolved into a lusty one, full of passion and erotic stimulation. Could it have been the special oath they both swore upon, that is fueling the flames of their affair?


Ella is heartbroken over her failing grades in her major, history, so much so she falls into a deep depression. It takes an older classmate to show her a way to cure her depression.

Ella is in the middle of a crisis. Her favorite subject, and major in college, since she was very young has been history. She excelled in the subject. Until she failed her most recent exam. A 58 is a failing grade for everyone but it sets off a deep bout of depression in Ella.

Ella tries, and fails to cure her ailment, ends up with a broken relationship, and a failed, one night stand. Desperate and tragically lost in her own misery, she is befriended by an older student in her class at college.

Wendy takes Ella home, and expertly seduces Ella, and instructs her in the ways of lesbian sex. The seduction lasts for hours and Wendy works the young girl over, thoroughly, attacking every orifice in her body. At first Ella is disgusted by the woman's advances, but in the end, Ella's depression is gone, and she has come upon an epiphany.

Cured of depression, Ella continues in her pursuit of lesbian love, jumping at every opportunity that arises. Until she meets her new history instructor, Margot, and the world turns into a beautiful place to be, and she works up the courage to approach her 'straight' instructor. Wishing against all hope that she can make Margot see the world the same as Ella.


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